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circuloecuestre 23 of May 2023 0 438
The Círculo Ecuestre held the second symposium of the Architecture Cycle on May 22, under the title: What does architecture contribute to real estate assets?After the welcome by the president of the C..
circuloecuestre 22 of May 2023 0 623
The Committee for New Initiatives (CNI) of the Círculo Ecuestre, within the framework of its purpose to cover and respond to issues of social interest, organized a conference-debate on the housing law..
circuloecuestre 19 of May 2023 0 507
The science of oenology is one of the sectors that causes the most curiosity and admiration among the members of the Círculo Ecuestre. For this reason, the club organized last Tuesday, May 16, a dinne..
circuloecuestre 17 of May 2023 0 527
The Committee for New Initiatives (CNI) of the Círculo Ecuestre held this Monday, May 15, one of its most anticipated CE Talks: the event led by the vice president of the institution, Enrique Lacalle...
circuloecuestre 11 of May 2023 0 2043
The new terrace of the Círculo Ecuestre is already a reality for the enjoyment of the members. After months of improvement work in the upper part of the institution's facilities, the associates were a..
circuloecuestre 11 of May 2023 0 566
The members of the Círculo Ecuestre had the pleasure of witnessing the talk of two geniuses this Tuesday, May 9. Leopoldo Abadia, PhD in Industrial Engineering and ITP Harvard Business School, member..
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