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circuloecuestre 01 of March 2024 0 230
Last Wednesday, February 28, the Círculo Ecuestre received Albert Marcet, co-founder of Hanyway Capital, at an event organized by its New Initiatives Committee (CNI).After the welcome, given by Alejan..
circuloecuestre 21 of February 2024 0 472
Last Wednesday, February 14, Alberto Gras, Gerard Moreno and Rai Recoder, CEO and co-founders of the popular gourmet street food chain Deleito, respectively, participated in an acclaimed event held at..
circuloecuestre 13 of July 2023 0 9767
In its purpose of promoting youth talent, the Círculo Ecuestre has been one of the eight historical institutions promoted by the Eulàlia Group, an initiative made up of seventy young people whose obje..
circuloecuestre 26 of May 2023 0 729
ABLE Human Motion, a startup that develops robotic exoskeletons to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and whose objective is to democratize access to rehabilitation for this type ..
circuloecuestre 22 of May 2023 0 681
The Committee for New Initiatives (CNI) of the Círculo Ecuestre, within the framework of its purpose to cover and respond to issues of social interest, organized a conference-debate on the housing law..
circuloecuestre 17 of May 2023 0 564
The Committee for New Initiatives (CNI) of the Círculo Ecuestre held this Monday, May 15, one of its most anticipated CE Talks: the event led by the vice president of the institution, Enrique Lacalle...
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