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circuloecuestre 29 of February 2024 0 216
Paula Fernández-Ochoa, consultant and speaker in high competition environments, both in sport and business, and specialist in personal branding and motivation, attended the Círculo Ecuestre last Tuesd..
circuloecuestre 21 of February 2024 0 636
Last Wednesday, February 14, Alberto Gras, Gerard Moreno and Rai Recoder, CEO and co-founders of the popular gourmet street food chain Deleito, respectively, participated in an acclaimed event held at..
circuloecuestre 16 of November 2023 0 437
Last Monday, November 13, the Círculo Ecuestre held a new installment of its CE Talks.  The event, which was titled Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence applied to business, was part of the cycle..
circuloecuestre 17 of May 2023 0 604
The Committee for New Initiatives (CNI) of the Círculo Ecuestre held this Monday, May 15, one of its most anticipated CE Talks: the event led by the vice president of the institution, Enrique Lacalle...
circuloecuestre 11 of May 2023 0 644
The members of the Círculo Ecuestre had the pleasure of witnessing the talk of two geniuses this Tuesday, May 9. Leopoldo Abadia, PhD in Industrial Engineering and ITP Harvard Business School, member..
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