Last Wednesday, February 14, Alberto Gras, Gerard Moreno and Rai Recoder, CEO and co-founders of the popular gourmet street food chain Deleito, respectively, participated in an acclaimed event held at the Círculo Ecuestre and promoted by its New Initiatives Commission (CNI). 

After the presentation and under the moderation of Xavier García Tort, member of the CNI subcommittee, the founders of the renowned gastronomic company explained the startup's success story to a large number of professional partners from the private investment sector.

The protagonists revealed that the success of Deleito is promoted by "a quality product inspired by the best of each gastronomic culture, and the brand identity, which connects with the emotions of feeling in heaven."

During the colloquium, Gras, Moreno and Recoder announced some of the milestones achieved by the company, such as the valuation of its product in a market as competitive as Barcelona and the turnover reach of more than 2 million euros at closing of this last exercise. Likewise, they declared that Deleito's current objective is to close a round of 3 million euros and expand the brand to other large Spanish cities such as Zaragoza and Valencia, thus reaching 18 fixed points of sale in 24 months.

In conclusion, the Deleito partners highlighted the “importance of creating a good team” and the importance of “moving forward together to go further through a stimulating work environment”.

Without a doubt, Deleito's CE TALK was one of the most interesting to date, in which attendees were able to “delight” themselves with one of the most acclaimed burgers on the restaurant's menu, the truffle carbonara created together with the influencer Rafuel.