Last Tuesday, November 21, Curro Nicolau, Chairman of Go Energy Group, participated in the colloquium Green Hydrogen: Barcelona's role in the necessary path towards industry and sustainable mobility, at the Círculo Ecuestre.

Together with Tirso Gracia, Member of the Club's Executive Committee, who served as presenter and moderator of the event, the speaker began his speech by announcing the factors that have catapulted the green hydrogen sector in recent years: “The Arab world has realizing that it is cheaper to produce with solar panels than with oil.” “If solar energy is booming today it is because it is cheaper than the others, not because of a philosophical question,” he said. Curro Nicolau also argued that “the geopolitical issue has made us realize that our energy cannot depend on third parties.”

Although the speaker predicted that green hydrogen will be the clean energy of the future, he clarified that, today, “its evolution and implementation encounters various handicaps, such as transportation or location.” Faced with this last obstacle, he pointed out that “finding land devoid of urban, environmental and legislative difficulties is very complicated in Spain”, he also went on to say that “it is expensive to store hydrogen”, therefore, “produce it close to the consumer to save on storage and transfer, would be ideal.”

Given the panorama in which the green hydrogen sector finds itself and the very rapid evolution of its technology, the expert explained to the attendees that “today we are not competitive in hydrogen at a price level, since it cannot be compared to that of others fuels.” Likewise, he declared that organizations such as the European Union have begun to apply laws in favor of zero emissions derived from green hydrogen in ports belonging to the EU and 200 miles from their countries, for which he assured that "the use of green hydrogen is already It is a reality for the maritime sector and it will be a reality for the air sector.”

When asked by the moderator whether Barcelona is a potential city for the use of green hydrogen, Curro Nicolau affirmed a resounding “yes”. The green energy expert pointed out that “the Catalan capital has one of the most important ports in the world” and that, therefore, “many ships will need to refuel with hydrogen.” He also pointed out the need for this energy for the most immediate future at the airport and in the city's mobility, which is why he called for “finding large areas to locate solar panels and hydrogen refueling service stations, to be able to carry out carry out these great projects.” “Barcelona's challenge is to find strategic locations,” he said.

Regarding the national territory, the specialist opined that: “in Spain we have more hours of radiation than in other countries”, so “we should take advantage of that circumstance and implement hydrogen plants at an industrial level to sell and export to others territories".

The speaker concluded his speech by stating that the green hydrogen market will witness impressive advances in the coming years, such as: “a hypersonic plane powered by hydrogen that will travel from Barcelona to New York in an hour and a half, in 2050.” Likewise, he also mentioned great progress that will see the light of day in the near future, such as “large freighters with biofuels” and “transport vehicles that do not work with lithium batteries.” To this end, he stressed the importance of solving the “very large deficit that we face in terms of regulation” and demanded “a specific regulation in favor of green hydrogen that softens the effects of the bubble and the lack of knowledge that exists today.”