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circuloecuestre 01 of June 2023 0 604
On May 31, the Círculo Ecuestre received Lieutenant General Don Félix Sanz Roldán, former secretary of state - director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI).After the welcome by Antonio Delgado, ..
circuloecuestre 23 of May 2023 0 483
The Círculo Ecuestre held the second symposium of the Architecture Cycle on May 22, under the title: What does architecture contribute to real estate assets?After the welcome by the president of the C..
circuloecuestre 03 of May 2023 0 533
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted on Tuesday the colloquium The constant evolution, led by Eloi Planes, executive president of Fluidra.   After the welcome from the vice-president of the Círculo Ecuestre,..
circuloecuestre 02 of May 2023 0 869
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted this Thursday, April 27, a colloquium led by Jaume Collboni, candidate of the Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) in the Barcelona municipal elections. After the presentat..
circuloecuestre 25 of April 2023 0 489
The Círculo Ecuestre held this Monday, April 24, a colloquium led by Eva Parera, Valents candidate in the Barcelona municipal elections. After the presentation by the president of the Círculo Ecuestr..
circuloecuestre 18 of April 2023 0 409
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted on Monday the colloquium Mobility in Barcelona, under debate, led by Josep Mateu, president of the RACC, and Albert Batlle, deputy mayor for Safety and Prevention at Barcel..
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