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circuloecuestre 12 of July 2023 0 334
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted a colloquium on Tuesday led by Gabriel Rufián, head of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) list for Congress in the general elections.  After the welcome by the p..
circuloecuestre 29 of June 2023 0 459
The Círculo Ecuestre has started the General Elections Cycle on June 28 with a discussion led by Roger Montañola, head of the PDECat-Espai CiU list for the Congress of Deputies in the elections.After ..
circuloecuestre 22 of June 2023 0 426
This Wednesday, the Círculo Ecuestre received Jorge Dezcallar, a Spanish diplomat, former director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former director of the CNI, and José María de Areilza ..
circuloecuestre 16 of June 2023 0 562
The science of facial psychology and personal branding has arrived at the facilities of the Círculo Ecuestre. Last Tuesday, June 13, experts from both fields carried out a complete masterclass for clu..
circuloecuestre 14 of June 2023 0 502
Last Tuesday, June 13, the Círculo Ecuestre hosted the Impact Marks colloquium. Building a sustainable impact. After the welcome by Antonio Delgado, president of the Círculo Ecuestre, and the present..
circuloecuestre 02 of June 2023 0 747
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted this Thursday a new chapter of the Barcelona Capital Forum called The economic hubs of Barcelona. After the presentation by the vice president of the Círculo Ecuestre, Enr..
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