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circuloecuestre 22 of February 2024 0 217
This Wednesday, the Círculo Ecuestre celebrated the second episode of the Opinion Leaders cycle, with the notable presence of Julián Quirós, director of ABC. After the welcome from the president of t..
circuloecuestre 21 of February 2024 0 473
Last Wednesday, February 14, Alberto Gras, Gerard Moreno and Rai Recoder, CEO and co-founders of the popular gourmet street food chain Deleito, respectively, participated in an acclaimed event held at..
circuloecuestre 06 of February 2024 0 243
Last Monday, February 5, the Círculo Ecuestre held the colloquium Barcelona, towards the future of tourism with one of the most representative businessmen in the hotel sector: Gabriel Escarrer, presid..
circuloecuestre 31 of January 2024 0 214
The Círculo Ecuestre has inaugurated a new cycle of colloquiums called Opinion Leaders, whose objective is to bring together the directors of the main national media. The club had the privilege of hav..
circuloecuestre 25 of January 2024 0 140
On January 23, the Círculo Ecuestre received Esteban González Pons, deputy secretary of Institutional Affairs of the PP, as the protagonist of the colloquium held at the Barcelona institution.After th..
circuloecuestre 29 of November 2023 0 312
Last Tuesday, November 28, the Círculo Ecuestre received Jorge Azcón, president of the Government of Aragon, who starred in the first colloquium of the quarter of the Autonomous Presidents Cycle promo..
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