The young people of the Círculo Ecuestre will begin the year 2023 with a new president.

On December 15, Miguel Tarazón, current president of the New Initiatives Committee (NIC) of the Barcelona club, proposed the name of the renowned criminal lawyer Emilio Zegrí de Olivar as a candidate to replace him. The election was unanimously approved by the Board and, therefore, the new leadership will come into effect from the first day of the coming year.

The businessman Miguel Tarazón will hand over the baton to Emilio Zegrí after two years in office. Despite the fact that there was the possibility that his position could be extended for two more years, he preferred to cede his place to a younger profile. “It is very nice that the president chooses a person from the Board and that the rest vote on whether or not he should be the president. In this case, Emilio Zegrí was unanimously elected, who perfectly conveys the values represented by the Círculo Ecuestre. I am sure that he will be a good president, declares the still president of the young division of the Club.

Mandate in a situation of instability

For two years, Tarazón has shown great commitment to the CNI: “Being president of the CNI requires work and time, even more so in the unstable situation created by the concern and confusion that existed two years ago as a result of the pandemic. Said work, I have done with great pleasure. It has been almost five years belonging to the Board, first as a member and later as president. In short, an honor!"

The effort that he has put into the New Initiatives Committee has paid off, modernizing and improving the youngest division of the Círculo Ecuestre: “These two years we have achieved practically all the objectives that we had set ourselves on the first day of our mandate. It has been a group effort of all the members that make up the Board and the subcommittees, without forgetting the Club staff, without whom it would not have been possible. His know-how and gastronomy mean that any event receives congratulations from the attendees for the excellence with which they are carried out”.

A new stage for the CNI

For his part, Emilio Zegrí faces this new stage with optimism and applauds the work of his predecessor: “I face this new challenge with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Tarazón's work during his tenure has been faultless. He has managed to strengthen the foundations of the CNI and increase the number of young people who have become members in a particularly difficult time, marked by the pandemic”.

Asked about the new challenges that he faces with the position, the lawyer makes his intentions clear: “My approach is none other than to try to continue the path of growth that we are experiencing. For this reason, I believe that it is especially important to be able to involve all the young members of the Club in the initiatives organized by the CNI. To this end, from the Committee we are beginning to work on a program to welcome and accompany new members, with the idea of introducing them to the social life of our Club”.

Focus on female talent

Emilio Zegrí takes over by directing the vision to the women's section, which he intends to promote and give a greater presence in the Committee: "I would like to give more prominence to the members, whose number has increased exponentially in recent years."

The future president knows that the union makes power, so he assures that he will rely on his colleagues to achieve the best possible result: "To undertake these milestones I will have the CNI Board, an exceptional team of people, passionate and committed to the Club and its young members”.