The Círculo Ecuestre hosted on January 26 a colloquium led by the President of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

After the welcome by Antonio Delgado, president of the Círculo Ecuestre and the presentation by Enrique Lacalle, vice president of the club, the leader of the PP had an interesting dialogue with the journalist and political chronicler for La Vanguardia Carmen del Riego.

During the colloquium, the senator in the Cortes Generales by designation of the Parliament of Galicia and current president of the Popular Party vindicated his vision of Catalonia, of Spain as a whole and of the government, for which he ran as a "reformist, calm, stable candidate and predictable”.

Feijóo, a "long-distance runner" for Enrique Lacalle

The leader of the PP, whom the vice president of the Círculo Ecuestre, Enrique Lacalle, defined as a "long-distance runner who always wins the games", alluded to the ethical principles of the Barcelona club, "integration and cosmopolitanism" and claimed that They were part of Catalan politics.

Within the framework of the talk with the renowned journalist, Feijóo made powerful headlines such as that he would like "Barcelona to return to what it had been and for Catalonia to once again be key in the governability of Spain and to recover from mistakes" or "I commit myself and I make the proposal to Pedro Sánchez that, if I do not win the elections, I do not deserve to be president of the Government", to which he added: "I hope that, reciprocally, to play with the same regulations, Pedro Sánchez says that, If it is not the force with the most votes, it will allow the one who wins the elections to govern".

Critical with the administrations

During his parliament, the leader of the popular was outraged by the "resignation to the presentation of the candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympic Games" and expressed his discontent with the refusal to expand the El Prat airport, for which he said that "it doesn't make sense to have the money and not invest it".


Throughout the act, Feijóo also reiterated his opposition to the reform of the Criminal Code, due to the modification of the crimes of sedition and embezzlement and recalled that for years, he has governed Galicia with good results: "I want you to remember me as a gentleman who has not come to divide Galician society, who has used languages with natural cordiality and obsessed with the increase in per capita income, GDP, vocational training and the decrease in school failure", for which he stated that he felt prepared to do it in Spain.

Great reception at the Círculo Ecuestre

His presence in the Círculo Ecuestre moved masses among the members of the club and the media. Feijóo's colloquium with a large capacity of 160 attendees, and his forceful statements were collected by a multitude of national media.