Last Thursday, March 9, at 8:30 p.m., the Committee for New Initiatives of the Círculo Ecuestre (CNI) organized a gathering with Fernando Díaz Villanueva, journalist, historian, writer and lecturer, and Jano García, writer, lecturer and director of the program En libertad.

Emilio Zegrí, President of the CNI, was in charge of welcoming the event, for his part, Carlos Baixeras and Javier García-Tort, members of the committee's board, carried out the presentation.

During the course of the event, the speakers held a dialogue on the economic and social situation of our country.

Under the title, Spain, in the spotlight, Fernando Díaz Villanueva, geographer and historian specializing in Contemporary History, and presenter of the podcast La ContraCrónica, focused on daily news and La ContraHistoria, with a historical theme and weekly, assessed the Spanish economic and social outlook.

Jano García, graduate in Economics and International Trade, author of the books El siglo del socialismo criminal I, El siglo del socialismo criminal II and La gran manipulación: Cómo la desinformación convirtió a España en el paraíso del coronavirus, speaker and director of the En Libertad, also expressed his opinion within the framework of the act.

It was an interesting and formative event that members of the New Initiatives Committee could enjoy.