In an afternoon full of knowledge and reflection, the Círculo Ecuestre had the privilege of receiving the distinguished Spanish economist and academic, Ramón Tamames, in the framework of an interesting conference.

The event was presented by Carlos Tusquets, economist, businessman and member of the club's Governing Board, who welcomed the attendees and highlighted the importance of the figure of Tamames in the economic and academic field. 

Ramón Tamames, EU Professor of Economic Structure and Jean Monnet Chair, Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, captivated the audience with his deep knowledge and vast experience in the field of economics. During his speech, Tamames addressed a wide range of topics, from the current economic situation to future prospects in a changing global context.

The dialogue between the speaker and Tirso Gracia, Member of the club's Executive Committee, allowed us to delve deeper into key issues and offered a unique vision of the challenges and opportunities facing the economy both nationally and internationally.

Tamames, known for his prolific academic work that covers topics such as the economic structure of Spain, the international economy and sustainable development, shared with the audience his vision on the economic and social challenges of the 21st century before an audience of more than almost 100 people.

In addition to his outstanding academic career, Tamames has had a notable political career and has received numerous awards for his contribution to the economy and public debate.