The Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium and the Círculo Ecuestre signed a collaboration agreement on July 6 to work together within the framework of the Madrid-Barcelona Crossed Agendas Cycle. In this way, both entities have reaffirmed the commitment they made last year.

Pere Navarro and Blanca Sorigué, special delegate of the State in the Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium and general director, respectively (CZFB), and Enrique Lacalle, vice president of the Círculo Ecuestre, were the representatives who were present during the act of signing the collaboration agreement for the forum of thought and exchange between both cities.

After the signing, Pere Navarro highlighted that "it is an honor to continue to be part of this project committed to the future of the city and that helps to seek opportunities to position it as a global benchmark".

For his part, Antonio Delgado stated that "this collaboration will allow us to continue contributing to the social debate and delve into issues that allow us to rethink the future of Barcelona".

Lastly, Enrique Lacalle pointed out that "two historical Barcelona institutions working together to promote the city is a guarantee of success".