Last Thursday, the Círculo Ecuestre had the honor of receiving two outstanding figures from the world of sustainable mobility: Pedro Calef, CEO of Ebro – EV Motors, and Joan Miquel Malagelada, Marketing Director of Ebro.

The event, which was presented by Enrique Lacalle, President of the Círculo Ecuestre, turned out to be a unique opportunity to explore the advances and challenges in the sustainable mobility sector, as well as to learn more about the innovative strategies that are being promoted by leading companies such as Ebro.

Pedro Calef, an experienced executive leader with extensive experience in the automotive and sustainable mobility industry, shared his vision on the future of electric mobility and Ebro's initiatives in this field. As CEO of Ebro and the SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY VEHICLES Group, S.L., Calef contributed his deep knowledge of the sector and his experience in developing innovative solutions.

For his part, Joan Miquel Malagelada, Marketing Director of Ebro, offered insights into the marketing and communication strategies that are driving the brand's success in a market increasingly oriented towards sustainability. With a strong background in the automotive industry and marketing, Malagelada shared the lessons learned throughout his career and his vision on the role of marketing in promoting sustainable mobility.

The dialogue between the speakers was moderated by Ricardo Garcia-Jaudenes, Managing Director of Andbank and member of the club, who guided the conversation towards key topics such as technological innovation, public-private collaboration and investment opportunities in the sustainable mobility sector.



The breakfast, attended by about 60 people, was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, establish contacts and contribute to the advancement of sustainable mobility in our society.