The Círculo Ecuestre has started the General Elections Cycle on June 28 with a discussion led by Roger Montañola, head of the PDECat-Espai CiU list for the Congress of Deputies in the elections.

After the welcome from the president of the Círculo Ecuestre, Antonio Delgado, the politician held a dialogue with Manel Manchón, deputy director of Metropolis Abierta, who moderated the event.

The political representative began his speech by pointing out that, today, "there is a demand from many orphans in Catalonia" and that this "opens a window of opportunity" before which "PDECat-Espai CiU will try to change the country's policy and make a change of time”. Montañola referred to the independence movement as "the historical moment that has been frozen at some point in space time."

Within the framework of the interview, the head of the list expressed what are the political intentions of the formation that he represents: “Language, culture and country. We will nationalize Catalonia again before those who have destroyed it” and he was optimistic in view of the general elections on July 23. Following this line, the representative of the Catalan group declared that "from Catalanism and political centrality, we will work to represent the interests of Catalonia in Madrid". 

Knowing the private sector due to his professional career, the politician opined that "if the deputies who go to Madrid to make tweets and put on shows were in the private sector, they would queue up for inept unemployment." Later, he declared before the members of the Círculo Ecuestre that "Espai CiU was created to tell the representatives of JUNTS and ERC to give way to competent nationalists in the task of defending the interests of Catalonia."

Alluding to the role played by Catalan politics in recent years, Roger Montañola said that his party “does not give in to the show and the political denigration of some Catalan deputies. We will go hard to replace them”.

During the colloquium, Montañola argued that he wants "the great powers to come to Catalonia before Madrid does." For this reason, he called for the need for private initiative and economic investment in projects such as the expansion of the Barcelona Airport, the Winter Olympic Games or the Ryder Cup.

Asked by the moderator, the head of the PDECat-Espai CiU list for Congress in the general elections gave his opinion on the result of the municipal elections in Barcelona: "People have voted in the face of a need for order and Trias symbolized it very well, however , has had a difficult time forming a government because it goes hand in hand with some political actors”. “It is bad news for Barcelona that Trias is not mayor, but I wish Collboni all the luck in the world”, concluded the speaker.