The Círculo Ecuestre received this Wednesday the head of the PSC list in Barcelona for the Congress of Deputies in the general elections, Meritxell Batet.

After the welcome by the president of the Círculo Ecuestre, Antonio Delgado, the president of the Congress of Deputies held a dialogue with Leandro Lamor, General Delegate of the EFE Agency in Catalonia, who acted as moderator of the act.

Meritxell Batet focused the bulk of her presentation on the importance of investment in Catalonia to "return its essence as Spain's economic locomotive". The PSC candidate confirmed that "the current government of Spain is committed to Catalonia" and that "it will work so that Catalonia reindustrializes itself."

Likewise, he detailed what the PSOE proposes to execute this plan: "guarantee legal security, bet on the coexistence and stability of the institutions, the willingness to invest and an economic model that allows Catalonia to grow so that it can once again be the engine from Spain".

The current president of the Congress of Deputies also advocated "digitization, the commitment to the ecological transition and research in renewable energies" as strategic axes for the empowerment of Catalonia, giving Seat, Nissan or the construction of car and chips designs in Barcelona as an example. Given this, Batet stressed that "with a government led by Pedro Sánchez, at the end of these four years, Catalonia will have gained many positions and will have the capacity to be the driving force of Spain."

Asked about the fiscal pact, Meritxell Batet assured that "autonomous financing, with which we are years behind schedule, must be of the utmost urgency." For this reason, the president of the Congress of Deputies defined as "essential" the "participation and concurrence of all the autonomous communities", being of vital importance "to demand that the Generalitat be in the multilateral bodies defending the interests of Catalonia". "An agreement between autonomous communities is important to be able to have adequate financing with enough to provide skills services," she said, later adding that "the PSOE will be able to renew the fiscal pact if it continues in government."

Along these lines, Batet explained to the members of the Círculo Ecuestre that the training he represents "has not only doubled the investment in Rodalies de Catalunya", but has also drawn up "an approved, agreed and worked plan for Rodalies" that "will be tangible and perceived by citizens for the next four years".

During the colloquium promoted by the Círculo Ecuestre, the speaker also assessed the pension system, the problem of illegal occupation of property, in which she has highlighted the responsibility of the Generalitat of Catalonia, on whom the security powers fall and social services, and recalled the professional training projects that his party is carrying out with the aim of promoting talent and employment in the country.

Finally, the head of the PSC list in Barcelona for the Congress of Deputies in the general elections alleged that, facing the general elections, "we are playing two possibilities: Feijóo or Sánchez." Given this paradigm, the policy asked "to give the vote to the socialist party" to "all those who prefer Sánchez", since "the PSOE is the only party that aims to invest him."

The PSC spokeswoman assured that "the PSOE is not going to abstain in any case and it is not going to facilitate the government to the PP." "The Popular Party has no credibility and what it offers us is that they always govern," she added.

Meritxell Batet recalled that her political party has "improved coexistence between Catalonia and Spain and has managed to make the country grow despite the crises, creating social policies to alleviate their impacts". She also stated that she felt "proud of the legislature in its international role and of the European projection that Sánchez has achieved for Spain." For this reason, he emphasized the importance of "thinking about the usefulness of the vote", since "on July 23 we also risk international prestige and having returned to the heart of Europe".

You can watch the session again through the Círculo Ecuestre YouTube channel by clicking here.