The Círculo Ecuestre hosted a colloquium on Monday led by Juan José Aizcorbe, head of the Vox list in Barcelona for the Congress of Deputies in the general elections.

After the welcome from Borja de Abadal Gámiz, tax adviser and first member of the Governing Board of the Círculo Ecuestre, the Vox representative held a dialogue with Jordi Sacristán, partner-director of the Financial Communication division at Roman, and previously a delegate at Catalonia of the economic newspapers El Economista and Cinco Días, who acted as moderator of the event.

Jordi Sacristán began the dialogue by asking the Vox representative about his forecast for the general elections. Aizcorbe indicated that he sees them "with measured enthusiasm": "I think it is possible that it is the end of an unfortunate time and the beginning of a stage that we hope will open doors for us, allow us to breathe and embrace habits of freedom, prosperity and guarantee of future". The head of the Vox list in Barcelona called for "making an extra effort these days so that those who want to change the course of Spain mobilize and go vote."

Given the uncertainty about the levels of participation, Aizcorbe said that he “hopes that Correos has the capacity to assimilate responsibility. We see with concern what is happening, in terms of abstention”. Regarding the call for general elections by Pedro Sánchez, he said that "it indicates the maneuverability of this character to take to its ultimate consequences the fact of bothering all Spaniards and doing everything possible to annoy them."

Regarding the objective of the training, Juan José Aizcorbe declared that "Vox does not pretend to be an end in itself, but an appropriate tool to defend values and principles that have the permanence that has given meaning to our own history." In the Catalan field, Aizcorbe pointed out that "there continues to be great concern about three axes: squatting, citizen security and Islamization and illegal immigration." The speaker explained to the public of the Círculo Ecuestre that, "despite the fact that Hispanicity has always been characterized by miscegenation, it has nothing to do with the multicultural societies that are now affecting us." For this reason, he said that "in Catalonia they vote for us from all social spectrums, with many former voters of nationalist formations who see that we are targeting problems that concern citizens."

Aizcorbe predicted that the formation would double deputies for Catalonia and reach four seats on 23J, rising from two to three for Barcelona and winning the first one in Tarragona.

"We have come to be uncomfortable, to denounce situations that concern us and propose solutions to those problems," he said, later saying that, "especially by the media, especially by the right," "we have been planted like beasts that we proceed of hell, that we spit blood and fire from our mouths”.

Asked about the Spanish autonomous structure, Juan José Aizcorbe defined it as "a special and rare genre that, over time, has been declared less useful than it was intended and that has generated significant inequalities and a tremendous economic cost." "The state of the autonomies has involved us in a structural expense that we understand is difficult to overcome," he said. For this reason, he declared that, from Vox, they are "in favor of bringing together powers, although we will have to plant and water gradually until it bears fruit."

In this sense, the head of the Vox list in Barcelona for the Congress of Deputies in the general elections was "in support of a fiscal reunification for the purposes of a downward tax level." “It is clear that Catalonia is the region that penalizes the citizen the most with taxation. If they could, they would put taxes on the barretina”, opined the speaker. Along these lines, he recalled that "Madrid is growing because there is greater dynamism and fiscal freedom", for which he expressed being "against inequalities" and added that, since its formation, "we believe that it would be good for the territories to have the same advantages and that Catalonia would have a more bearable tax system and a lower fiscal pressure”.

Within the framework of a new block of questions, the representative of Vox defined linguistic immersion as "a wrong model" and advocated that "both languages coexist with absolute cordiality and freedom." "From Vox we cannot agree that a language is used as a separatist fact," he added.

During the colloquium, the speaker and the moderator spoke about the possible agreements that will be presented after the result of the general elections. Given this, Aizcorbe pointed out that in Vox they want to "agree to change policies and repeal all those that harm the freedom of the Spaniards", but that, for the Popular Party, "Vox is an uncomfortable partner." For this reason, he pointed out that "if we want stable governments there must be investiture pacts, not government pacts." “We are going to fight for Catalonia to return to what it was and for Barcelona to be the motor of Europe, the pioneering Barcelona, the city of the self-employed and the industrial power”, he concluded.

During question time, Aizcorbe was "in favor of supporting everything that is good for Barcelona", referring to the expansion of the airport. On the other hand, he asked to "avoid the pull effect" which, from his point of view, causes the minimum vital income for those of legal age, coming from accompaniment centers and coming illegally. “These people are acting as a float for all the mafias, they are trying to find paradise. Immigration must be prioritized as long as it is orderly and logical.” “This is the new slavery that is existing. Let's stop the misfortune and dignify what is happening, we must wake up the European Union”, he opined. 

After speaking about homosexual marriage, alluding to the fact that "etymologically and legally it has always had two characteristics: different sex and descent", Aizcorbe ended his speech in the General Cycle promoted by the Círculo Ecuestre, defining that the barometer published this Monday by the CIS it is "worse than the shotguns at the fair" and reinforcing the intentions of its training for the future: "We want the best for Spain and for the Spanish people and for that you have to have faith and courage, which is what Vox has."