The Círculo Ecuestre hosted this Thursday, February 2, a discussion led by Ismael Clemente, CEO of Merlin Properties, a leading real estate company in the tertiary sector in Spain and Portugal, listed on the Ibex 35.

After the presentation by Enrique Lacalle, Vice President of the Círculo Ecuestre, the real estate expert held an interesting dialogue with Elisenda Vallejo, chief economics editor of La Vanguardia.

During the discussion, the moderator and the speaker spoke about the principles of the company, the current state of the real estate sector and the particularities that make it up: "the real estate sector is cyclical and subject to fashions", among other aspects.

After comparing the real estate sector in Madrid and Barcelona, Ismael Clemente wanted to focus on Malaga. The expert valued that, at the moment in which the city of Malaga becomes active in the purchase of offices, it will be a powerful competitor.

The CEO of the real estate group concluded the colloquium with the forecast that the 'data center' of the Free Zone Logistics Park, which is under construction, can be inaugurated in the fall. After the announcement, Clemente assured that "it will mean a very important addition to the capacities that a city like Barcelona already has": "Having a computing capacity of almost 20 megabytes will come in handy", he added.

Another novelty that the CEO of Merlin Properties wanted to announce is that the group is simultaneously building a 'data center' in Madrid, in Álava, and that they are in the process of setting up one in Lisbon (Portugal). "You have to see the speed with which demand develops in Spain", highlighted the CEO, who also pointed out: "If it is high, we will react, because in the end it is only to use capital and develop".

The presentation was a great opportunity for all attendees, who were able to learn first-hand the opinion of the expert.