The Círculo Ecuestre started the conference cycle of the fourth edition of the Modern and Contemporary Art fair By Invitation with a dialogue about the Tàpies Year, led by Inma Prieto, director of the Tàpies Foundation, and the artist Daniel García Andújar.

After the presentation, by Enrique Lacalle, President of the Círculo Ecuestre and curator and promoter of the exhibition, the speakers spoke with Carlos Durán, founder and director of the Galería Senda, who served as presenter and moderator of the event.

Within the framework of the conference, the protagonists highlighted the figure of the Catalan painter and announced the program of events that will take place in the coming months during the centenary of his birth.

The director of the Senda Gallery began his speech by thanking Enrique Lacalle for “having unconsciously dedicated the previous edition of By Invitation to the figure of Tàpies” and introduced the speakers as great figures of the current art scene.

During the event, Inma Prieto highlighted the stage in which the institution that has to do with the artist is. “In the three stages we have understood the artist without an institution, with an institution, and the current one, the artist without it”, she said.

The expert argued that “we are in an absolute paradigm shift at the national and international level that comes with new epistemologies. For this reason, it is essential to reread Tàpies after having allowed the prudent temporal distance to pass”. “Antoni Tàpies is universal and he will be part of today's news because his work is aging better and better”, she confirmed.

As Prieto explained to the attendees, the Foundation seeks to promote temporary actions such as the “creation of the Antoni Tàpies Chair - UPF d'Art i Pensament Contemporanis, together with the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and the international postdoctoral research award 'La humanística of the gest: Tàpies l el present', biannual in nature and aimed at postdoctoral researchers, which will aim to facilitate the Tàpies universe to generate a space for thought and debate about the present”, explained.

“Antoni Tàpies did not conceive of creation without prior musical listening”, he argued, and then introduced “the many events in museum spaces such as the MNAC and the MACBA that the Foundation will do”, such as the first with the singer-songwriter Raimon, the musical artist Marina Herlop or the performances of SMUC Youth, who will perform the works of Tàpies while the attendees contemplate his works.

On the other hand, the director of the Tàpies Foundation argued the approach of creating the Institute of Critical Drifts, for which she gave the floor to the artist Daniel García Andújar.

Likewise, Prieto reported that the Foundation intends to “establish new dialogues at contextual levels about the painter's influence” through the International Research Award, which “intends to take it to other countries”, she said.

The artist, after making known his knowledge of the figure of Tàpies and his relationship with the painter, applauded that “Tàpies picked up the gauntlet of artists like Picasso and Miró.”

As the artist argued, “in the coming years, there will be a generation that will find it difficult to navigate art”, which is why he has praised the work of the institution, which “will act as a stronghold with tools that we artists have placed in his hand to be able to navigate the work”. “It is important that the viewer has the opportunity to approach the work and understand it through tools that we put in their hands.”

Antoni Tàpies i Barba, son of the honored painter, thanked the Foundation during the event held at the Círculo Ecuestre for the possibility of having carried out great work through which, today, one can “visit his work with the eyes of today".

Finally, Enrique Lacalle praised the work of the Foundation, also equating it with the Círculo Ecuestre, for being “an institution with a location and purpose to improve culture in Barcelona.”