The Executive President of the Naturhouse Group, Félix Revuelta, attended the Círculo Ecuestre on June 17 to present his book El fracaso es el principio del éxito.  

The event took place in a meeting with members presented by the club president, Enrique Lacalle, and moderated by Pedro Nueno, technical architect and industrial engineer.

Within the framework of the event, the manager discussed topics of great social interest such as labor productivity, the flight of Catalan companies to Madrid or the achievement of success at a business level, among other aspects.

During his speech, Revuelta introduced his biographical work and expressed some outstanding ideas such as the following: “here the mentality is to work little and earn a lot, while in the US they work as much as they can. I have always worked 16 hours and slept eight” or “you have to keep your workers motivated, lest the competition steal them from you”.

The ideas of the director who is an expert in nutrition and dietetics convinced the audience of the Círculo Ecuestre, who did not hesitate to express their gratitude with warm applause as soon as he finished his presentation.