On January 23, the Círculo Ecuestre received Esteban González Pons, deputy secretary of Institutional Affairs of the PP, as the protagonist of the colloquium held at the Barcelona institution.

After the welcome by Enrique Lacalle, president of the Círculo Ecuestre, the deputy general secretary of the PP held a dialogue with Sílvia Angulo, chief political editor of La Vanguardia, who served as moderator of the event.

After winking at his career as a writer, the moderator of the event got into the subject by referring to the speaker's time in community politics, in which he served as vice president of the Popular Party in the European Parliament. Esteban González Pons expressed that, “although there are many people who can occupy that position,” he does not deny that the “best version of him as a politician was given in Brussels.” Following this question, the protagonist of the colloquium emphasized that “we are not looking to make Brussels the setting for the movie Barbie. We are going to put in little and receive a lot.” Furthermore, he added that "socialists and popular people constitute the European Union", defined by the speaker as "the best thing we have done in centuries", and then expressed that "I hope we continue together."

Questioned about the current political panorama, the vice president of Institutional of the PP emphasized his sadness that “the PSOE has chosen other traveling companions” and said that “Junts has received the big coupon and is going to charge Pedro Sanchez up to the last euro. Those of us who depend on Sánchez are being bled just like him.” Given this, he expressed that Sánchez “has built a wall around 55% of Spaniards, expelling them from the task of government” and that “this way of approaching politics undoes any possibility of an agreement.” “Sánchez is a vampirized president and Junts is going to extract every last drop of blood from him,” he concluded.

Regarding his relationship with Junts, González Pons argued that “it is not bad to speak according to what you are talking about”, along these lines he said that “there are things that should not be negotiated if you have principles and values.” "What really distinguishes some politicians from others is that the principles and values are not only in their mouths, but also in their hearts," he added. Regarding Carles Puigdemont, he expressed that "I don't have to go now," referring to to a possible meeting with the former president, “I have met him many times in Brussels and I have spoken with him,” he alleged.

The popular representative was harsh with the Constitutional Court, which he has called “cancer”: “The cancer of the rule of law is the Constitutional Court of Cándido Conde-Pumpido.”

Within the framework of the colloquium, and after a question about the durability of Pedro Sánchez's pacts, González Pons asked himself "what interest could Junts, ERC and Bildu have in exhausting a legislature that they will never find? No other legislature would will give this math."

Regarding the PP's plans in Catalonia, the speaker stated that “we have an extraordinary responsibility for being the only constitutionalist party, because the PSC and the PSOE have changed sides. This forces us to be extraordinarily intelligent and generous in the offer we propose, we are going to represent many people who perhaps never thought about voting for the PP. We have to be a party with majority ambition.” In reference to this, the popular representative said that “Spanish politics should focus on talking about these four issues: drought, future of pensions, immigration and economic model.”

To conclude the dialogue held at the Círculo Ecuestre, González Pons evaluated the demonstration called by the Popular Party for next Sunday, January 28: “we have detected a fatigue with the political situation that is better for the PP to channel. When citizens begin to become disgusted with politics, it is best for the system to provide avenues for the expression of that disgust.”