Last Wednesday, November 29, the Círculo Ecuestre received Emilio Cuatrecasas, honorary president of the Cuatrecasas law firm. After the welcome and presentation, by Enrique Lacalle, president of the Círculo Ecuestre, the speaker carried out a special personal and professional review of his life, supported by professional colleagues, friends, family and club members. 

Emilio Cuatrecasas, a lawyer with great concern

After confessing youthful passions, such as music or cinema, Emilio Cuatrecasas undertook his talk, revealing the keys to his professional success. He declared that “the future belongs to those who dream it.” Along these lines, he confessed himself as “a creative person, both in law and in other fields,” for having “dreamed of achieving ambitious goals.” In relation to that, he emphasized his motivation to “transform and awaken sleeping realities.” To do this, he gave some examples from his professional career such as Areas, the second company in the world in concessional catering, which when he joined “did not have waiters or cooks” and which today has a portfolio of more than 100 brands that cover a wide spectrum of offers, types of service, price levels and culinary options; St. Paul's School, a school in which “in 1984 - when it was incorporated - it was just a small school in which parents exercised excessive discretionary academic control and has now become one of the most demanding and greater prestige of the city”; the rebirth of the cosmetics company Bella Aurora or the creation of Barcelona Global, an association today converted “into a driving force of the city.”



To conclude his speech, Emilio Cuatrecasas pointed out another of the aspects that motivate him today: “impact entrepreneurship.” The lawyer clarified the concept by explaining the following: “More than economic success, I have been moved by the impact of making the Spanish legal profession known to the world.”

Successful event

After the speech, the renowned Barcelona jurist held a dialogue with Manel Pérez, deputy director of La Vanguardia, with whom he chatted about the relationship between Barcelona and Madrid, the current political panorama and Barcelona's attractiveness for attracting companies.

The event held on the third floor of the flagship palace of the Círculo Ecuestre brought together more than a hundred attendees, who enjoyed and learned by listening to the veteran lawyer.