Last Wednesday, February 28, the Círculo Ecuestre received Albert Marcet, co-founder of Hanyway Capital, at an event organized by its New Initiatives Committee (CNI).

After the welcome, given by Alejandro Closa, member of the club's youth board, the founder of the investment fund gave an interesting presentation in which he spoke about the new stage of instability that we are facing and about the great impact that entails in various sectors.

To put the attendees in context, the speaker reviewed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and some of the contextual events that led both countries to have the confrontation. He spoke about the presence of Islam in the world, about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and also about the conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

Formation of a new balance of power

The presentation tried to show that the world order, which provided relative stability for decades after the Second World War, has seen its foundations fall as a result of the conflicts that have occurred in recent years.

Marcet assessed that instability will persist until a new balance of power is formed and reviewed the great impact that this geopolitical state has on the macroeconomy.

The event was enriching for the attendees, who greatly appreciated the spokesperson for introducing them to this knowledge.