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circuloecuestre 14 of April 2023 0 382
Last Thursday, April 13, the Círculo Ecuestre hosted a colloquium led by Daniel Sirera, candidate of the Popular Party in the municipal elections.  After the presentation of the president of the Cír..
circuloecuestre 03 of April 2023 0 594
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted this Thursday, March 30, the colloquium How did I build my dream?, led by Antonio Catalán, president of AC Hotels by Marriott.After the presentation by the vice president o..
circuloecuestre 27 of March 2023 0 501
This Thursday, the Círculo Ecuestre has held the colloquium Electricity market, price crisis and climate change: a possible equation?, where the benefits of the internal energy market have been addres..
circuloecuestre 21 of March 2023 0 828
The Círculo Ecuestre hosted on Monday, March 20, the colloquium La Barcelona que funciona, led by Xavier Trias, former mayor of Barcelona and Junts candidate in the municipal elections. The act gave t..
circuloecuestre 17 of March 2023 0 1244
Investment opportunities in the real estate sector are many and its development causes great expectations. For this reason, the Círculo Ecuestre hosted this Friday, March 17, a breakfast-discussion on..
circuloecuestre 15 of March 2023 0 623
On March 13, the Círculo Ecuestre hosted a long-awaited colloquium in which they discussed whether Is Barcelona a safe city? The event featured top-level speakers, such as Marta Fernández, Commissione..
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