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circuloecuestre 23 of April 2024 0 373
On April 22, the Círculo Ecuestre held the colloquium How reputation helps business growth with the notable participation of Ana Martines, Director of Communication and Engagement for Spain and Portug..
circuloecuestre 18 of April 2024 0 189
On April 16, the Círculo Ecuestre held a new episode of the series of talks: Opinion Leaders with the notable participation of Joaquín Manso, director of El Mundo.  After the presentation of the even..
circuloecuestre 16 of April 2024 0 304
Salvador Illa, first secretary of the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya (PSC-PSOE) and leader of the opposition in the Parliament of Catalonia, led a colloquium on April 15 at the Círculo Ecuestre...
circuloecuestre 12 of April 2024 0 258
On April 11, the Círculo Ecuestre held a colloquium with Jordi Clos, president of the Barcelona Tourism Executive Committee and president of the Barcelona Hotels Guild.After the presentation by the pr..
circuloecuestre 11 of April 2024 0 309
In an evening that will remain engraved in the memory of all those present, the athlete Alex Roca captivated the public at the Círculo Ecuestre de Barcelona with his inspiring story of improvement. En..
circuloecuestre 14 of March 2024 0 437
On March 12, the Círculo Ecuestre held the third installment of the cycle of talks: Opinion Leaders, led by Nacho Cardero, director of El Confidencial.  After the welcome from the president of the Cí..
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