Alfonso Rueda, president of the Popular Party of Galicia, was the protagonist on May 8 of the last installment of the CCAA Presidents Cycle, promoted by the Círculo Ecuestre. 

After the presentation, by José María Cardellach, member of the Governing Board of the Círculo Ecuestre, the politician began a dialogue with lawyer Tirso Gracia, also a member of the club's Executive Committee.

The event began by analyzing the political leadership of the Popular Party in Galicia in recent decades, revalidating the majority for the fifth time this year with 100% counted. The president of the Popular Party of Galicia attributed the longevity of his party at the head of the Xunta de Galicia to the fact that “the PP is the party that most resembles Galicia”. “People identify with what we stand for and how we act”, he defended.

Alfonso Rueda argued before the Ecuestre audience that “Galicians tend to concentrate the vote when they believe that the options offered are what there should be”. Given this, he explained that "the Popular Party has managed to make a very large swath of people who are not entirely right-wing believe that we are a moderate option to choose from". “People give us trust and their money through their taxes so that we provide public services in the best possible way”, he added.

Regarding his relationship with Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Rueda expressed that they are “a team”. Something that he defended by ensuring that “we had such a strong team that we were able to have good results. My result is part of an entire team, beyond all leadership”. 

After reviewing the current political situation in Galicia and the healthy state of the party he represents, Alfonso Rueda analyzed the Catalan political panorama and the situation in which the Popular Party finds itself in the face of the imminent elections in the autonomous community: “The perception of strength of the Popular Party that the people have in Galicia is what I aspire to have in Catalonia”, he said. Given that statement, he assessed that “the result of my match on Sunday may, in four years, be very different”.

Using it as an example to follow, the moderator of the event positively valued the economy of Galicia, which has doubled its GDP since 2012. On this topic, he explained that “we have taken advantage of the opportunities we have had and we have taken management very seriously with little ideology and a lot of common sense”, referring to the PP government policies. Alfonso Rueda said the following: “today, it is the autonomous community in which debt has grown the least since 2009”, a fact that has allowed it to “pay suppliers within 13 days, not go into debt this year and approve a budget every year”. In relation to the latter, the politician expressed that "I would not be able to govern in Galicia without a budget, I cannot conceive it, that is why I throw my hands at the fact that the Government does not have a budget". “In my case I would not have called elections if I had not been able to approve it”, he stated.

After praising the Inditex phenomenon and ensuring that “we Galicians are capable of building constant and growing empires from nothing”, the president of the Xunta de Galicia praised the demographic change that his land has begun to experience in recent years: “the penultimate census In Galicia it has increased significantly. This is due to a recruitment of intelligent people and the Galician identity that is not lost. There are Galicians who are returning, even children of generations that have left. We are taking advantage of their Spanish nationalities so that they can come to work and their roots with the land, which is also important”. “Even though more people continue to die than are born, we are becoming more and more Galicians”, he concluded.

Asked by the moderator of the event about the immigration situation in Catalonia, the president of the PP in Galicia called for "ordering immigration so that it benefits those who come and those who already live here". 

Having commented on the language controversy, in which he said that his government “does everything possible to ensure that both languages are known and studied, in turn promoting trilingualism” and that “in no case does it have to be an issue of political confrontation", but a reason for "pride and wealth", the speaker analyzed the roadmap that the Government will follow in the coming years.

Alfonso Rueda closed the event by saying that one of his top priorities is to “retain the four or five large industrial projects that can be installed in Galicia”, “helping businessmen not to stop investing due to bureaucratic hassles”. Finally, the President of the Xunta also argued that his government works tirelessly for “the improvement and maintenance of services and the renewal of the aging population” all of this by betting on an “organized administration”.