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The new Terrace of the Círculo Ecuestre
A casual, carefree and elegant atmosphere.
Círculo Ecuestre
165 years at the service of Barcelona
Social Events
More than 120 annual events organized by the Club
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More than 250 Correspondence Clubs around the World
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The Barcelona Club

Welcome to the Círculo Ecuestre and to becoming part of a select group of people from the business world and Barcelona society.

El Círculo is an exclusive and cosmopolitan business club where members share ideas and interests, where leisure and business combine perfectly, with the ambition of becoming an integrating space for talent at the service of companies and individuals.

But beyond individual interests, the Círculo Ecuestre is a useful tool at the service of the country's companies and a fundamental institution of Barcelona and Catalan civil society.

Club Events

The best way to interact with the other members of the Club is through the events that the Club organizes. Meetings, conferences, discussions, talks, drinks after work... More than 100 annual events of various kinds are an excellent opportunity for personal contact and networking.