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The Círculo Ecuestre is an excellent partner to increase the visibility and prestige of your company. Participation and sponsorship of the Club's corporate activities provide indisputable advantages for the image of any company:

  • Reputation: associating your brand with one of the city's most emblematic entities is undoubtedly a benefit for your company's solid image.
  • Target audience: the characteristics of the public that the Club brings together make it ideal for brands that are looking for an exclusive public.
  • Visibility: the Club's events have a wide impact on the general and specialized media at local, national and international level.
  • Public relations: The Club offers the possibility for sponsoring brands to carry out all types of actions in their spaces and activities.

Since the start of the Business Collaboration Program, a select number of companies have been present in the activities of the Círculo Ecuestre through institutional sponsorship, sponsorship of activities and events, sponsorship of cycles, sponsorship of spaces, advertisements in the magazine or any type of specific promotional activities.

Contact person
Bárbara del Moral
Sales Director
Tel. 934 156 000